This module is intended to develop the subject matter along a number of theoretical, methodological and practical perspectives through the medium of formal lectures and tutorials, with which the students are expected to engage.  Technology Management is a wide ranging and complex discipline and many areas cannot be fitted into the lecture programme.


The objective of the research paper is to allow students to enlarge their experience of the subject by selecting a topic and exploring it in a depth suitable for Masters level study.  The students will therefore be expected to produce a research paper which is analytical, critical and reflective in line with the learning objectives of a Postgraduate award.


This work will therefore require the search of appropriate information sources (e.g. journals, research papers, books, hardware and software), the collation and critique of ideas found therein, and the development of conclusions. Students will be expected to view and compare the chosen topic from a variety of perspectives and will be particularly encouraged to relate it to the context of practicing designers working on real-world problems